BSRRA first started helping Belgian Shepherds and their owners in 2013.

There was a gap in the rescue world where some Belgian Shepherds were slipping through the cracks where the Club rescues were unable to help them. So we started by just doing the job, no fanfare, just getting on with it.

In 2105 we created a facebook page and things grew from there.

A public image started to develop and the number of dogs needing assistance was increasing.

Other rescue groups and organisations started taking notice and were contacting us when they had a Belgian in their care.

As time went on, we developed into an amazing group of people who spend most of their spare time helping owners and dogs alike, whether its rehoming, rescue or just offering advice.

To date, we have helped approx 1000 Belgian Shepherds, Dutch Shepherds, German Shepherds and owners through difficult times..

All our rescue dogs are fed on LifeWise Premium Pet Food

At BSRRA, its all about the dogs.